QUEEN OF THE​​​​​​​​


Welcome to the movie section of this blog. In here you'll find all the revies for the movies I've watched. I enjoy watching movies at home, and finding them meaning or whatever. ​​​
Please let me know whether you like my review. And if you don't also let me know what you think.
I've made different pages for some genres, my favorite one, the ones I'll write about the most. But in the page "OTHERS" You'll find more movies from all kinds of genres.
The one kind of movies you won't find reviews for, are scary movies. WHY? Oh cuz I hate them. Never have I ever watched one willingly, nor will I ever. so i'm sorry for that. But any other kinf of movie is fine.
Also, If you'd like to recommend me any movies for me to watch and/or Review, please contact me.